Wimbledon Ball Boy

Published: 26/07/2018 By SW19

The buzzing atmosphere of the tennis has come to a close and the elaborate displays and shop fronts are returning to normal following the end of another superb season of tennis. The Wimbledon Championships of 2018 are over but we have a little in house tennis story of our own since our accountant, Ray, was once a ball boy upon the famous turf.

‘This year I attended the tennis and i was fortunate enough to view the Men’s Semi Finals on Centre Court. Whilst enjoying the game I paid special attention to the ball boys and ball girls hustling around the court which brought back such good memories from my days there. Often people don’t realise that there are trails to become a ball boy/girl. Every year around 700 kids apply for a space within a team of 250. Then there is training on how to stand, carry out ball changes and remain as still as possible during play. Being so close to the sporting heroes that I grew up watching and admiring was an experience that I’ll never forget.’